(Photos) Beautiful Ice

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Personally, I prefer to work in the heat of Africa, where the only downsides of the heat and the risk of developing some muck, such as malaria. And there are those who are not afraid to freeze his nose and the other limbs, relieves the incredible nature of the Far North or Antarctica. Those difficult conditions of the North, not only are not afraid, but on the contrary, draw, make sense of their lives. I present to you by Paul Nicklen – amazing wildlife photographer of the far north (and south).

If you read the National Geographic magazine, visit the exhibition, you will definitely be familiar with the work of this author. By education Gender marine biologist, I am sure that it will give him a huge head start, because to know a lot about who you photograph – this is very important.

The fact that Paul Nicklen – one of the best photographers, in particular, say his photos. But if someone would think this is unconvincing, to say that he is a staff photographer for National Geographic, I have received a great number of prizes at various competitions. But what to say, over the years, he has collected 15 prizes of the most prestigious photo contest for wildlife photographers – Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

And now is the time just to admire the beauty of the Arctic and Antarctic …


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