(Photos) Cool Things I Will Buy When I Become a Millionaire

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A lovely tree house to make your childhood dreams come true


A hanging bed — for the sweetest sleep of your life


An awesome water slide in the bedroom that goes into the pool


A cozy home theater


A cosmic bed


An over-the-water swing


A bedroom with sliding walls


A magic lamp that turns your room into an Eastern palace


An indoor-outdoor pool


A cat transit system


A house with glass walls overlooking a forest lake


Wall-to-wall bookshelves concealing a hidden door to a secret room


A glass floor bathroom above an elevator shaft — for those seeking thrills


An underground garage


A multilevel labyrinth aquarium


A private island in the Pacific Ocean


A tent that lets you admire the starry sky


A cozy library where you can spend some time alone with your books


A wine storage cabinet with rare vintages


And finally, probably the most useful thing in winter: a bathroom with a fireplace

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